Parking Fence

Park it with us! Make the most of your parking lots by adding post and wood beam fence construction. This combination of strength and beauty will bring peace of mind to the public. Damaged beams? Simply replace and reattach them to the brackets included with these kits. Parking fences are installed to meet safety standards and organizational needs. If additional reinforcement is required, posts can be driven into the ground and can be accompanied by a great selection of panels.

Product Features


  • Designed to meet safety standards
  • Post and wood beam fence are aesthetically pleasing and offer strength and durability
  • Steel fences are durable, meant to last and very low maintenance
  • Wooden and chain-link fences double as an efficient perimeter security to discourage trespassing and unauthorized traffic
  • Single rail, double rail, triple rail options
  • Wood rails
  • Galvanized posts
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