Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that everyone asks when considering installing fencing or overhead doors. We've endeavoured to provide our potential customers with some quick up front information that they may want to know before coming to us with their needs.

Standard Questions

Do fence posts have to be set in concrete?

A standard fence install does not include concrete. We discovered less disturbance to the ground and less mess in regards to hauling tailings. And because concrete is still porous – posts that are in low-lying areas or high traffic are subject to frost jacking due to the water settling and the pressure causes the concrete plugs to heave.

Do you provide free site visits for an estimate?

Yes! We provide free estimates within Winnipeg and the surrounding area. Our inside sales team can also provide an accurate quote with customer provided measurements and requirements. Give us a call (204) 452-2700 or request a quote.

How deep into the ground do the posts go?

In standard conditions, we install posts 48” into the ground, deep enough to go below the frost line.

How much privacy coverage do the inserts provide?

Our privacy slats are a great addition to any new or existing chain link fence and carries a 25-year warranty. They provide approximately 80% coverage to the fence line.

What is your fence warranty?

Our warranty includes the workmanship of installation for 1 year from the completion date. Wallace will repair, at no charge to the purchaser, any defects due to faulty workmanship appearing during the warranty period. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, abuse, or neglect. Products and materials provided by Wallace + Wallace carry a 1-year limited warranty against defects. All other warranties, either expressly stated or implied are not valid.

Before your Fence Installation

Permits and Building Restrictions

  • A building permit is not required to build a standard residential fence. However, there are restrictions to heights and additions to your fence that must comply with the building code and applicable zoning requirements such as:
    • Height restrictions for residential property - 6’0” (2.0 m) for rear and side yards, and 4’0” (1.2 m) for front yards.
    • Barbed wire and electric fences are not permitted in residential areas.
  • A fence may be erected along and up to a property line but within property limits – where shared by adjoining neighbours, a fence may be built right on the property line.
  • Property lines can be accurately located by a qualified Land Surveyor

Pool Regulations

  • Local codes advise that all outdoor pools must be completely enclosed with a fence or other suitable barrier constructed in accordance with the following requirements:
    • Fence must have a minimum vertical height of 5’0” (1.5 m) and a maximum vertical height of 6’6” (2.0 m)
    • There cannot be more than 4” (100mm) between the bottom of the fence and the ground
    • No openings, other than a door to a building or a gate as described in requirements below
    • Any gate must be self-closing, must be minimum vertical height 5’0” (1.5 m) and must be equipped with a self-latching lockable latch to prevent unauthorized entry
    • More information related to City of Winnipeg Pool requirements can be found at the City of Winnipeg website.
    • If you are outside the jurisdiction of Winnipeg, please check with your local RM for their pool requirements.

Underground Utilities

  • As a homeowner and commercial property owner, you will need to contact the various utility companies for an underground locate. They will indicate by stakes, paint and/or drawings where the various cables, gas lines, etc. are located. In Manitoba, there is a service Click Before You Dig MB that acts as a utility notification service for all the utility companies that are members. This is a free service and required before every installation. Website: or Call: 1-800-940-3447 
  • Customer-owned utility lines need to be identified as well. Click Before You Dig MB will only locate publicly owned underground utilities that are registered with their service. Any utilities that are not registered such as sprinkler systems, water and sewer service, or lines connecting buildings on property will need to be located. Wallace and Wallace can provide this service to you as an additional charge on your work order or you can choose to contact a private locator on your behalf.

Do it Yourself

Do you sell individual parts and pieces?

Yes! We offer pricing for any individual part or piece incorporated into any one of our standard fences, including gate hardware.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes! Give us a call (204) 452-2700 or come on down to get a quote from our great inside sales team for your DIY project. All you need to know is the type of fence, height, total linear footage, how many corner pieces needed and gates required. You can also request a quote.

What tools are required to Self-Install a Chain Link fence?

  • Line post pounder (available to rent from Wallace and Wallace)
  • Pliers
  • 1/2" wrench or socket for bolts
  • An adjustable wrench or offset pliers for gate hardware
  • Installation guide is available here: [ link to come ]

Wallace Doors

Do you sell Overhead Garage Doors?

Yes! Visit our Overhead Doors section to view the variety of styles we offer including traditional raised-panel, carriage house, and modern. We are also proud to provide 24-hour repair service throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba. You can also request a quote.