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You’ve invested in your backyard oasis, now make sure it’s a party zone, not a danger zone! Get added protection with our Protect-A-Child pool fence, this safety fence gives you extra confidence with an unlimited lifetime warranty. When it comes to safety, there’s no room for second guessing. So take the plunge and enjoy incredible peace of mind for your swimming pool enclosure.

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“Protect-a-Child” Pool Fence

Protect-A-Child pool fencing is a removable option to help protect little ones and add peace of mind regarding safety. Posts can be installed into the concrete surrounding the pool, or into a grassed area. The pool fence uses only strong, top quality, UV resistant invisible mesh supported by unbreakable posts. The superior characteristics of these pool fence posts, combined with our years of field experience installing gives Wallace the confidence to back the product with an unlimited manufacturer lifetime warranty against both breakage and bending. Enjoy peace of mind with a pool fence today.


  • Heights: 42”, 48” & 60”
  • Colours: Black, Brown, Tan
  • Composite fibreglass posts
  • Removable lock-in deck posts, too difficult for children to take out
  • Follows any pool contour
  • Discourages climbing
  • Protective layers and solid-core design provide long-lasting support
  • Patented ‘Point-Lock Secure Latches’
  • Encouraged as added protection for both children & animals


  • Self-Closing Gates give you a convenient and safe way to help keep your pool fence closed and locked.

Refer to our FAQ section for city rules regarding pool fencing in your area.

*Parental supervision is still recommended

Technical Specifications


42" (1.07m),  48" (1.22m),  60" (1.52m)6' (1.83m) - 3 posts attached at 36" intervals
42" (1.07m),  48" (1.22m),  60" (1.52m)9' (2.74m) - 4 posts attached at 36" intervals
42" (1.07m),  48" (1.22m),  60" (1.52m)12' (3.66m) - 5 posts attached at 36" intervals
42" (1.07m),  48" (1.22m),  60" (1.52m)15' (4.57m) - 6 posts attached at 36" intervals


Black, Brown, Tan, White*Black, Brown, Tan, White*Black, Brown, Tan

Mesh: Weatherproof mesh and borders, which provide you with a transparent, impact-resistant barrier that will hold up to daily use, as well as to sun, rain, and cold.

Patented Point-Lock Secure Latches: This latch has a unique wing design, and it incorporates a special lock nut that locks the latch in place to prevent opening and removal of the pool fence.

Posts: Composite fibreglass posts with a solid fibreglass rod core, giving them superior strength over other types of posts. The 'Lock-in-Deck' feature makes it easy for an adult to simply twist-lock the posts to the patio, but proves too difficult for small children to remove them.

Gates: Hardware used to maximize safety

  • A strong, four-sided frame and truss system for long-lasting support
  • The most reliable magnetically triggered gate latches, by Magna Latch
  • Tru-Close spring-loaded hinges for ultra-reliable closing and latching

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