Temporary Construction Fencing

Looking for a temporary fencing solution? Our temporary fencing will secure construction sites, residential renovations and special events. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so to make things simpler for you, we’ll deliver, install and dismantle all fence panels once your project is complete.

Construction Sites

 Builders have an enormous responsibility to secure their sites and ensure the safety of their employees, nearby residents and passers-by.  Our temporary, mobile fence solutions and access control systems ensure there is no unauthorized access to your site, while providing easy accessibility for your employees and subs.  Inner-city sites with restricted access, limited space and heavy vehicle and foot traffic can be particularly challenging and often demand customized solutions.   


A safe site begins with effective crowd control.  The right mix of temporary, mobile fence limits pinch points and creates freer foot traffic flow while ensuring unauthorized access is limited.  Matched with the right access control system and accessibility for staff, volunteers and emergency services is smooth, seamless and secure.    

Seasonal Applications   

Outdoor patios, weddings and other special gatherings benefit from the security a temporary fence provides.  However, the right mobile fence should blend into the background and not detract from the overall ambience of the event.  Not all temporary fences styles are suitable.  Also, be wary of older fences that are rusted, damaged or poorly installed and while privacy mesh is a good option to protect privacy and reduce ambient noise and wind, it shouldn’t be use to cover an imperfect fence.

Temporary Fencing

M200 Temporary Fence

These fence panels comes with a mesh of 100 x 200 mm and 100% welded joints, making it a solid and safe solution for construction sites. The best and safest way to install this fence panel is to use clamps. But it is also possible to deliver this fence with a hook and eye construction or with an extra tube.

M500 Anti-climb Temporary Fence

With a mesh of 35 x 150mm and 13 horizontal and 89 vertical wires this is the one and only temporary fence with anti-climb protection. The vertical wires project above the tube making climbing over especially unattractive. The combination of the small mesh and the 100% welded joints makes sure that the life span of these fence panels is extremely long.

Pedestrian Barrier

A strong and durable temporary fence intended for crowd control and to keep people at a distance. Equipped with a self locking hook to simplify set up. With a bar distance of 100mm, this temporary fencing solution is safe for animals and children.

Technical Specifications

Temporary Panels

Panels come with bases and connecting hardware.

Code Description Weight
Rental Panel 6'H x 10'W 66lbs
Rental Panel 6'H x 12'W 75lbs

M200 Panels

Panel Parameter Value
Panel Size 3.472 x 2m
Mesh Width 100 x 200mm
Wire Thickness 4mm Hor. / 3mm Vert.
Tubes 30mm Hor. / 42mm Vert.
Weld 100%
Weight 18kg

M500 Anti-climb Panels

Panel Parameter Value
Panel Size 3.472 x 2m
Mesh Width 35 x 150mm
Wire Thickness 4mm Hor. / 3mm Vert.
Tubes 30mm Hor. / 40mm Vert.
Weld 100%
Weight 26kg

Pedestrian Barrier 

Barrier ParameterValue
Barrier Size2500 x 1100mm
Bar Distance100mm
Vertical Bar Number19
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