Feature Project - Point du Bois

In this post we are featuring a MB Hydro project in Pointe Du Bois, Manitoba.  MB Hydro had recently invested $250 million dollars upgrading their sites in Pointe Du Bois, and needed someone to come secure the site. Wallace has done several projects with MB Hydro in the past across the province, and enjoyed having the opportunity to work with MB Hydro again.

The Pointe du Bois project included a variety of installations, such as chain-link fencing, automated Delta sliding gate systems, and rock-anchored/structural-mounted steel signage. This project took several months to complete; the signage work was done in the Spring of 2017, and the fencing/gate work was done in the Fall of 2017.

The remote environment made this a unique and exciting challenge for the Wallace crew. “There are some really unique things on site,” said James Buhler, Vice President and Special Projects Director. “There was a lot of rock drilling very close to the spillway where the water’s 80 feet down, and if you fall you’re a goner. The safety requirements are extreme. Lots of documentations, lots of job hazard assessments, lots of safe work rules.”

Wallace + Wallace also had the opportunity to work with two other companies on this project: Sigvuson Northern, a rock drilling contractor, and Provincial Helicopter, a helicopter company from Lac du Bonnet. (Watch the video for a sneak peek of the work we did with Provincial Helicopter).

Eight Wallace team members went up to work on the Pointe du Bois project: James Buhler, Darin Duchinski, Riley Duchinksi, Branden Stamm, Austin Favell, Bill McEwan, Travis Brockie and Ian Taylor. Great job, guys!