The Link | Issue 1

Feature Project

David Kejick School Basketball Court

This past summer, our team had the opportunity to collaborate with Prairie Surfaces on the new basketball court at the David Kejick School near Kenora. Sports fields are affirming projects for us because of what they represent – not only place of safe play, but a hub for community gathering. We teamed up with Prairie Surfaces who built a state-of-the-art court surface, which we wrapped in our industrial grade 10 foot high black chain-link fencing, manufactured by us right here in Manitoba. The black fence and beautifully designed court surface combined to create a one-of-a-kind facility.

Today, the David Kejick School proudly showcases a basketball court that not only elevates the overall basketball experience but also serves as a source of community pride. We are honored and proud to have been invited to be part in this project. 

See our complete line up of industrial chain link products here.

Temporary Fencing 

Rental fence service 24/7, 365

Need a temporary fencing solution for a construction site, emergency closure or to channel pedestrian traffic flow? Put our temporary fence team into your phone contacts. They have recently expanded their inventory and have miles of fencing available. They will deliver, assemble, and pick up panels for both short and long-term rentals.

Privacy screen is also available which can be printed with your logo or a message. If your project is in a high-traffic area, turn your fence into a billboard! Our temporary fence team can make it happen.

More information on our anti-climb temporary fence panels can be found here or you can contact a member of our team.

Michael CampbellTemporary Fence Manager204-452-2700 ext.
Sascha PatchingTemporary Fence Coordinator204-452-2700 ext.
Ben SaundersSales & Project Management204-452-2700 ext.
Steve NeufeldSales & Project Management204-452-2700 ext.

Overhead Doors 

The Right Time to Avoid Down Time is Now 

We offer an extensive preventive maintenance service plan and regular maintenance call-out service for all loading dock systems, sectional doors, rapid roll doors, and automated gate systems.   

Why consider enrolling? Long-term benefits of program enrolment include:

Enrolling in our Preventive Maintenance Program ensures: 

To enroll call Lindsay at 204-452-2700. 

Welded Wire 

Chain-link's upscale European cousin

Welded wire fencing, long the default fencing option in Europe is catching on here in North America. And no wonder! Its thicker gauge and individually welded joints make it much stronger and more durable than chain link mesh. Welded wire panels not only provide top-notch security but also enhance the overall look of a property. Its sleek and modern design seamlessly integrates into any environment while adding a touch of sophistication to the surroundings.

One of the key advantages of our Rampart Welded Wire is its wide range of applications. Take, for example, this project where our 284 Welded Wire panel was retrofitted onto an existing chain-link fence at a commercial facility. By welding these panels into the existing fence frame, we were able to enhance the security and strength of the fence, providing peace of mind to the owners.

Our Rampart lineup ranges from lightweight Rampart 286 panels, perfect for residential applications, to our Rampart 358 high-security panels that are impossible to climb or cut with conventional hand tools.

For more on our Rampart Welded Wire lineup click here.