Winnipeg Fencing Company Works To Strengthen Local Community

WINNIPEG, MB: Wallace + Wallace, a manufacturer and distributor of fencing products in Winnipeg, is proud to support its community by contributing to local events, animal services, educational institutions, and fundraisers.

The company continually gives back to the community, which helped it reach its current level of success. Wallace + Wallace directly supports organizations that address vital community concerns and needs. The company contributes to fundraisers and special events in Winnipeg, including events that showcase local talent.  

A few local events that Wallace + Wallace supports include: 

Wallace + Wallace also supports educational institutions in the community. The company believes that these institutions provide future generations with the knowledge to improve society. To help educational institutions achieve their goals, Wallace + Wallace offers support to Linden Christian School, Canadian Mennonite University, and Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary & Middle School. 

The company is also passionate about helping animal services in Winnipeg. They supply materials to the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter and The Winnipeg Humane Society.  

“We do a lot in the community. That’s because we believe in giving back to share our success with non-profits and educational institutions,” said Kori Buhler, President of  Wallace + Wallace. “To us, our community is a place of opportunity where people unite to reach a common goal, which is something we value as a company.” 

Wallace + Wallace is a locally owned and operated company that manufactures and distributes fencing products. Founded in 1919, it has grown to become a major installer and distributor of fencing products for residential and industrial use. It also provides overhead doors for homes and businesses in Winnipeg. For more information about the company and the services it provides, visit its website at