Wallace + Wallace, Josh Morrissey and Winnipeg Sports Talk announces support of the Dream Factory

Although building straight, strong fences to protect people and property is Wallace + Wallace’s core business, they understand strong communities are built by people who show up with optimism, dedication and a positive attitude.  These Unsung Heroes are the backbone of our community and so, in association with Winnipeg Sports Talk, are inviting WST listeners to nominate a community hero they know. 

Once a month, Winnipeg Sports Talk host Andrew “Hustler” Patterson will randomly draw one lucky hero to win a Josh Morrissey autographed Jets jersey.  Wallace + Wallace will then make a $500 donation that month, in the name of the nominating Winnipeg Sports Talk listener, to another group of Unsung heroes - the kids at the Dream Factory fighting thru challenging life-threatening illnesses.  Josh and Margot Morrisey will, in turn, match Wallace + Wallace’s donation. 

“The Dream Factory is an incredible organization.  Margot and I are excited to be able to work with Wallace + Wallace and Winnipeg Sports Talk to raise money and help some dreams come true for some very special and deserving kids” said Josh Morrissey.

“As we go about our daily business visiting commercial and residential properties around the city, we are constantly reminded about the things that make Winnipeg great.” said Nathan Rahn, VP of Sales for Wallace and Wallace. “One of those things, maybe the most important, is our unsung heroes.  We wanted to celebrate the hundreds of positive, affirming acts of kindness Winnipeggers do every day. Teaming up with Josh and Margot and Winnipeg’s most optimistic sports fan seemed like a good way to do that and at the same time, raise money for a special organization who also work with Unsung Heroes.” 

“Winnipeg Sports Talk is so excited to partner up with Josh and Margot and Wallace + Wallace to help celebrate the unsung heroes in our community and support the Dream Factory. We are looking forward to hearing and celebrating the stories of good deeds, community service and special people quietly helping to make Winnipeg and Manitoba a better place every day and can’t wait to get started!”  

Nominating an Unsung Hero is simple

To nominate an Unsung hero in your neighbourhood simply send an email describing the work your Unsung Hero does to unsunghero@winnipegsportstalk.com.  For context updates and to hear about the monthly winners, listen to Winnipeg Sports Talk, daily at 1 pm. 

WST listeners and Wallace + Wallace customers and suppliers are invited to help make even more dreams come true by making a private donation to the Dream Factory in the name of an Unsung Hero they know by visiting www.dreamfactory.com/unsunghero.