What to do before your Fence Install Date

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It’s almost time! That new fence you’ve been dreaming about for months is about to become a reality. You’ve found the perfect style of fence, you’ve chosen the right fence contractor for the job, and the date’s been set. But wait... before your fence can be installed, there is one thing left for you to do: locate your underground service lines.

Underneath your yard, there is a network of power and service lines. As the property owner, it is your responsibility to make sure all the utility lines are properly located and marked before your fence is set to be installed. Line location prevents damage to important service lines, and, more importantly, protects you and your family.

How to submit a locate request

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Utility locates are a free service offered by the Manitoba Common Ground Alliance.

As soon as you have a scheduled install date, call 1-800-940-3447 or go to Click Before You Dig to submit a locate request. It can take up to 2 weeks for a locater to come out to your site, so you want to get your request in early.

Things you should know before you make your request:

Once you submit your request

Wait for the locate to be completed. After 3-5 business days, you should be contacted by an authorized locator or the utility owner to verify your locates have been completed. They will provide you with detailed information explaining the markings and how to proceed safely.

Locates are valid for 14 days, so plan your service locate request accordingly around your install date.

Double check: were all lines located?

Not all underground services are covered under Click Before You Dig, so it is important to be aware of all the lines under your home and to contact the proper services to locate them.

Private lines such as water and sewer lines, and sprinkler and pool lines are not covered by Click Before You Dig, and will need to be located and scheduled separately.

If the utility owners do not know the location of these lines, you may need to contact a private locator to mark these utilities.

Time to dig... carefully

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If Hydro has located and marked primary lines with Safety Watch stickers, you will need to let the fence installer know as soon as possible, so they can arrange for a Hydro representative to meet with them on site to make sure all the nearby fence posts are installed safely.

Once all the service lines have been located, and Hydro has been contacted if needed, we are ready to install your fence!

Service locates ensure your fence installation experience is safe and satisfying. Enjoy your new fence!